All Playoff games will be played on October 10th, 11th & 12th

Procedure for Playoff Scheduling

  • Once the standings are completed, the seeds will be entered into the brackets for the playoffs.
  • The preferences of the two teams will be compared and the best choice of date between the two will be chosen.
  • Playoff games are scheduled for October 10-12. Games scheduled for Thursday or Friday will be played at 6PM. If lights are not available at the host site, games will be played a 4PM. Games scheduled for Saturday will be played at 2 PM. If the host site needs to hold more than one game, a second game will be scheduled for 4PM. There may be some deviation from the above times due to field or travel needs.
  • If a conflict arises from this system, the two teams will need to come to an agreement as to when they could play the game.

The game must be played. The game must be played on one of the three designated dates.